Kigoma International Hospital

KIH is a private healthcare provider based in Kigoma, Tanzania.


We offer comprehensive healthcare  services from fast and efficient out-patient consultation with full diagnostic services including; X-ray, Ultrasound, Laboratory &  Endoscopy, to full treatment options including Pharmacy, Nursing, In-patient and accommodation, maternity, dialysis and surgery.  



When Kigoma International Hospital started in 2012 we found that a great many Tanzanians were requesting specialist surgical services and that many of them were travelling overseas to have their surgeries conducted. This is not ideal, for Tanzania or for the patients. Travelling overseas is expensive, you most likely can't take your loved ones with you, you are sick in a foreign country, and you will be sent back to Tanzania for recovery time in facilities without the expertise you require.

Most small to medium health facilities can't afford to keep these kind of expert surgeons on staff, so we have done the next best thing, which is to invite super surgeons to KIH for our patients every 3-4 months. After 5 years of doing this it has become very successful and we have a set of surgeons in different disciplines who visit us regularly. They have performed more than 500 surgeries for Tanzanian's that otherwise would not be possible here at home.


Orthopaedics is the specialisation in conditions of the bones and musculoskeletal system. Most Orthopaedic specialists deal with a wide range of conditions that involve the muscles, bones, and very often the nerves. Most of these conditions can cause a great deal of pain and need physical therapy treatment or surgical intervention.